From the Windham County Transcript, Feb. 23, 1860

There has been a custom in this village, since the Attawaugan has been built, which is much more honored in its observance that in its breach, for the people residing here upon each recurring season to gather every piece of available horse-flesh and "out to sleigh-riding go," visiting some neighboring town, returning in the evening and partaking of a supper at the hotel.  Tuesday afternoon the anniversary of this custom was celebrated. 

A large party, which filled from forty to fifty sleighs, left here at an early hour in the afternoon and visited our friends in Putnam.  After an hour’s tarry, they started for home, and arrived at six o’clock.  The evening was pleasantly passed to eight o’clock, when the company formed in the hall, and at the sound of music from the Putnam Harp Band marched to the dining-hall of the Attawaugan.

About one hundred and twenty-five persons sat down to the tables, which were tastily arranged and filled with a repast which tempted appetites sharpened by breathing the fresh air of heaven.  The entertainment was creditable to Mr. Worden, the landlord, and showed that the people did well in encouraging a house so well kept, and it is to the honor of our citizens that they are public-spirited enough to give this house encouragement and support.

Such a spirit shown in all that pertains to the interests of this place, and this valley will be filled with a busy population.  When another such occasion is enjoyed, may we be there to participate.