Motor Cars Have Trouble With Mud and Water

From Windham County Transcript, March 19, 1914 The main highway between Danielson and the larger cities in New England are in deplorable condition at the present time for motoring and local motor enthusiasts are quite concerned. It is many years since the main highways have been in such poor condition for motoring, local drivers state, and the outlook is not at all encouraging for a material improvement during the next two weeks.

In motoring to Providence, it is impossible to get through South Killingly on account of the badly rutted roads at Little Rest and Dark Lantern hill, and the quantities of mud between Danielson and Dark Lantern hill, so drivers are going either through Moosup and Sterling or by the way of Putnam and Chepachet where the roads are comfortable good. It will be at least another month before the direct road through South Killingly or Chestnut hill can be safely taken and even then, before that time the town will have to patch up the roads quite considerably.

There is only one way to get through to Worcester and even then there is a point between Webster and Oxford that is well nigh impassable.

The roads through Putnam, Thompson, all good gravel or macadam roads, are in excellent condition. Turning through Thompson, passing the railroad station, one finds some mud and ruts between that point and Grosvenorsdale, but beyond Grosvenorsdale as far as the state line at Perryville the road is excellent. After a hard muddy pull South Webster or Quinebaug, so called, you again hit the good road as far as one mile south of Oxford where the average auto meets its Waterloo. For one mile the road is a pond of mud and water with deep pitfalls every rod or two; in fact at one point the auto has to take to the bumping ties of the trolley track in order to avoid being stalled hub deep in mud and mire. From Oxford on to Worcester and Boston the roads are smooth and safe and it is a pleasure to tour over them.

Between Danielson and Norwich there are several short stretches of poor muddy roads. One at Bishop’s Crossing below Plainfield where a section of state road is being constructed and the second stretch near Jewett City. The new gravel road from Jewett City to Taftville is a joy to every motorist and has retained its excellent condition all winter.

There is no use talking about the Willimantic road for a motor car. While a high powered car would get through the average local car would probably have to resort to a yoke of oxen or a pair of horses before it had reached Hampton. This road has been badly washed out this month and much repair work is necessary before it will be restored to the previous good condition.

The main roads and state highways in the town of Killingly are in fair condition but a great deal of repair work must be done during the spring on account of the heavy washouts during this month.