The Way God Has Led Me

As transcribed from the original handwritten letters of Colonel Luther Day of "The Maples" (farm) on Maple Street in Dayville

by (Sally) Mrs. Richard  Day

I was 21 years old the 9 day of Spt. 1811- I worked for my Father one year after I was of age.  he gave me 20 Dol. for 6 months and 12 for 6 months making 192 Dols the next spring my Father told me I might com onto this place and if I proved myself a man he should Deed to me, he paid my wages in provisions, grain, and such things as I must have to go keeping house and farming I don't think he gave me a dollar in anything to start up upon except my wages and everything I had of him I paid the full market price.  The hous was one story and much out of order inside and out.  My sister kept house for me till the Jan. following when I was married.  I had stock, farming tools, and many other things to buy (no carpets on the floor nor paper on the walls) which of course brought me in debt.  The next year 1824 my father gave me a deed of the farm my wife and I went to work together and after awhile paid our debts and fixed up the house and got some things into it, besides what my wife brought with her The farm as well as the building was much out of order, it would not produce more than half what it will now in 1880.  and pooly fences.  The buildings, walls, and other improvements will show for themselves, I now see the wisdom of my father in not supplying me with every needed thing.  He left me in part to look out for myself.  I could see that I had to swim or sink.  If I had failed I don't think my father would ever had deeded the farm to me, it was a hard time to commence farming, produce of all kind was very low and held so for a number years, corn 58  rye 67 oats 28 cheese_____6 6 1/2 butter  12 1/2 15 in the spring, 16-20 in the fall, pork 5 1/4 in Providence beef 3 3/4 - 400 per hundred, I bought a large yoak of oxen for 75 dos, help on the farm and taxes more lower good hands 12 per month men that expected to work untill the sun went down.  Well here for 16 years was the most enjoyable part of my life, allways the happiest when I was at home attending to my buisnefs ever taking a pride in managing my farm, keeping things up, and in order.  so I think ever farmer must feel to be a successful farmer

But here in 1839 I was called to foller my beloved wife the companion of my youth to the grave, which was a great affliction, but God did it, and it might be for my good,  She left behind her five beloved children --- in 1840 I married my presant wife and she had filled importent place she was plased in.  Well---from 1841 to 59 my wife and I followed five beloved children to the house appointed for all the living.  Since that time God has surely led me in a dark path.  I have ben afflicted not only in the Death of my family, but as it ware, by fire and sword_____ ______ no one knows so well as my beloved wife how many sleepnes I have had but God has ben with me and when I felt as though I would sink He has held me up an pointed me to a better world.  When I have exclaimed with the Psalmist, Why art thou cast down O my soul and why are though disquieted within me  Hope thou in God for I shal yet praise Him who is the health of my countenance and my God and then light would sometimes appear  And now in my old age I feel to bless for the way He has let me

Colonel Luther Day

I am 79 years old this day having outlived the nos that commenced with me  There is not one in this School District that was here in 1823 when I came here, but two alive who have gone out of District  God has brought me throught many ______ of trouble and afflictions I have followed to the grave the companion  of my youth and five dear children whome I have Faith to believe He has taken home to Himself and that I shal soon join them there  Mary Ann said to me while on her deathbed weep not for me for you will soon come and join us in a better World  What Faith that child had in her Savior  These are but a part of my trouble and afflictions but God has brought me safely through them all, and I feel as thoug I could blefs his name for the way he has led me - but there are many things to comfort me in my declining days my presant wife is very ____ to me and Walder is in his right mind and is a doing well having married a fine woman for a wife and seem to be getting along very well and now I feel as thoug I was ready to depart with Christ when God shall call.

Luther Day

April 9th 1880