Famous Aviatrix is Halted By Officer

From the Windham County Transcript , 1933

Mrs. Amelia Earhart Putnam, best-known woman aviatrix, was added to the list of famous personages who have visited Danielson informally when she passed through here Sunday afternoon, stopping for gasoline and chatting sociably with station manager, A. P. Burns. Her encounter with State Officer Lionel Poirier over on the Brooklyn Road, however, was neither business nor social, yet it ended pleasantly enough. Officer Poirier stopped the intrepid flyer, who was operating a large sedan, to inquire why she was stepping along at the rate of fifty miles an hour. She explained that she was competent to handle the machine and that she had not thought that speed unreasonable under the driving conditions existing at the time. After some friendly discussion of the laws of the state, Mrs. Putnam was permitted to go with a warning to use due care.