Journal On-Line

Sixth Edition - April 2003

On these pages the Killingly Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. continues to publish articles, stories, and remembrances about the people and places in Killingly and the villages within its borders. We try to make the town's history come alive for you. We will also include some genealogies, records from family Bibles and many other interesting and, hopefully, helpful information. There may even be a few chuckles along the way.

All these articles have appeared in the Society's semi-annual publication, The Killingly Historical Journal.

If you would like to comment or contribute material for these pages, please contactthe Society.

-- Natalie Coolidge, Journal Editor

In This Issue:

Local Taverns and Inns and Stage Coaches

The Gaston Manse

Some Interesting Facts About Danielson

Leepy Five Mile

Famous Aviatrix is Halted By Officer

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