Shippee Brothers

Windham County Transcript 1917


A reunion of four brothers, William H. Shippee, age 73 of Danielson, Conn.; Byron H. Shippee, age 67 of Fiskdale; Willis H. Shippee, Jr. age 52 of Danielson, Conn. and Hartwell B. Shippee, age 43 of Main St. took place June 3, 1917, in the afternoon, this being the first time the four brothers have been together since the death of their father, Willis H. Shippee, fifteen years ago.  Because of their advanced years, the shore dinner that was to be held later in the season was held at the home of Mr. Byron Shippee in Fiskdale.


The oldest brother William is well known throughout the New England states as a drummer for the Nashua File Co., which position he held for several years.  For several years besides being a drummer for the file company, he was in business as a buyer and seller of wild furs.  Mr. William Shippee is a member of the Danielson and he served a year and nine months in the 1st Conn. Heavy Art., Co. D.  Previous to the war he served three years on a whaling boat when whale oil was used in lamps in homes throughout the country. [See his story on under ‘Village Vignettes.’]


The second brother, Byron H. Shippee is well known throughout Conn., Mass. and R.I. as a hunter and trapper of wild furs, which business he has followed for the past ten years.  Mr. Shippee, in his younger days, caught an average of two hundred fur animals a year.  He thought nothing of traveling 35 miles to attend his traps for his catches.


Willis H. Shippee, Jr., the third oldest brother is a school teacher in Killingly Center, Conn. where he has taught for 34 consecutive years.  He received his education in the Killingly High School and at Eastman College, N.Y.  For the past 26 years he has been the principal at the Elmville Grammar school [Killingly Center School?]  in Conn.  He has served ten years in the Conn. National Guard.


The youngest brother, Hartwell B. Shippee, has held the position of a structural engineer for the past 27 years and has built many large buildings of various kinds in the eastern part of Conn.  [One of his historical restorations was the Gaston House in South Killingly.]