Season at Wildwood

From Norwich Bulletin September, 1901

This Year Has Been Most Successful in Resort’s History

Now that the season at Wildwood Park is over, a resume of the season will, no doubt, be of interest.  On the whole it was the most successful in the history of the People’s Tramway Company, although the management was unfortunate in regard to the weather on more than one occasion.   The inclement weather was the only thing which marred an otherwise pleasant and profitable season.

The summer theatre opened May 27 and with the exception of the week beginning June 10, remained open until Sept. 22. The shows given this year were as a general rule better than those of last year. They were uniformly satisfactory and of a clean nature. Besides the various vaudeville shows, which were all first class and up-to-date attractions there were two opera companies and a minstrel show. The minstrel show was undoubtedly the favorite and drew the largest audiences of the year.

Audience in the Amphitheater at Wildwood Park

During the season there were seven displays of fireworks, including one by the Pain Fireworks Company. These were well received. There were four balloon ascensions, which attracted immense crowds, and there were many other special attractions, including a greased pig chase and a tub race Labor Day.

During the last week there was a daring ride down the chute on a unicycle and a dive into the lake. The naptha launches and rowboats were well patronized. The pro-curing of canoes for the use of the public has been suggested and the management would do well to consider this matter for next season.

The refreshment privileges were in the hands of A. W. Barnard, who reports having done a splendid business. The Hawkins Brothers of Providence provided clambakes on Sundays and holidays, which were well patronized.

Alexander’s Lake is an extensive sheet of water and the scenery at the park is the most beautiful in the eastern part of the state. The resort has an exceedingly bright future.

From the Scrapbook of Mrs. Fred (Nina) Wood