Oldest Motorcyclist in Connecticut

Oldest Motorcyclist In Connecticut 

[Editor’s Note:  The Society was never sure of the identity of the man in this photo, but recent research in the archives of the “Windham County Transcript” found the following story.  We think we have found out his name.  What do you think?]


Excerpt from the “Windham County Transcript” April 3, 1913

Oldest Motorcyclist in Connecticut

Melvin E. Fisher, in His Seventieth Year, Enjoys Gasoline Bicycle.


“Thinking that he possibly might be the oldest person riding a motor cycle in the state, Melvin E. Fisher, a well-known contractor and builder of Danielson, wrote to the Secretary of State recently asking if he was the oldest operator and within a few days received this reply:

“Dear Sir:

We are in receipt of your letter of March 27th in reference to being the oldest motor cycle operator in the state, and upon investigation we find that you are the oldest motor cycle operator registered in this state.  The writer hopes that you may have many years of pleasure as an operator of your motor cycle.

                             Respectfully yours, Albert Phillips, Secretary

Max Cohen, Chief Clerk, Motor Vehicle Dept.


          “Mr. Fisher is to be congratulated upon reaching his three score years and ten which he will do if he lives until the 21st of the coming May.  In general looks and action Mr. Fisher is hardly over fifty and he is a familiar sight riding his Pope motorcycle both for pleasure and for business.

          “Being a builder and contractor by trade he has found the motorcycle to be of great use to him and, no doubt his daily use of the two-wheel auto has kept him looking young and healthy.

          “Mr. Fisher says he does not feel a day over 35 and can do as big a day's work as many of the younger fellows.  The Transcript joins with his many friends in extending congratulations and best wishes for many more years of enjoyment as the oldest motorcyclist in Connecticut.”

          Further research resulted in information from the “Windham County Transcript” of April 12, 1899, that “contractor M. E. Fisher has been putting in a very handsome oak staircase and hall decorations at the home of H. C. Atwood in Williamsville.”


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